The Kitty Story

Tonight is our first trip with the kitties to the vet, in honor of that I thought I would fill in some background on how they came to our home. We knew we wanted to get some pets after moving into the house. We were thinking of one cat and one dog.

One day Mike was at work and the receptionist Val asked him if he knew anyone who was looking to adopt some cats, he of course said that we were and asked about the cats. She had two little boy cats, their mommy had been hit and killed by a truck and she took them in and raised them. However she already had two cats and she thought it would be better if she found a home for these little guys, and it was really important to her to keep them together. Mike asked me about adopting two kitties, and of course I readily agreed, who wouldn't want two adorable babies, and after they lost their mom how could I separate them? So last Thursday Val dropped them off at our house in the morning.

As for their names, she had named them Gibson and Taylor after guitar brands. We loved the name gibson, my first instinct after seeing their pictures was to give them musical names. Taylor we decided to change and right now his name is Martin (after Martin guitar here in the Lehigh Valley) Stanley (after the jazz musician Stanley Clarke who we saw at Yoshi's in Oakland). Not that they get called by their names often. Mainly I call them, kitties, babies, my boys, little man (for gibson who is the runt) and big boy (stanley), and of course "no no bad kitty".

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