Trick or Treat

Apparently PA is weird and even if Hallloween is on a Saturday night (the perfect night for trick or treating) some towns schedule it for other nights, like my town, where it was 6-8 pm Friday night. Luckily the kitties and I discovered this in time to be ready!

I carved my pumpkin, an homage to the kitties

I put up some lights

And the boys watched the kids come.

They were super cute about it, running away and coming back to investigate. Stanley hung out on the radiator a lot looking out the sidelights, though he never let me get a picture of that.

Trick or Treat 2009:
2 hours
100 + kids
1 super greedy kid who took FOUR pieces of candy, I need to be better about stopping that next year
3 kids who stanley was kind enough to let pet him (without biting me)
2 super sleepy kitties by 7:45
1 large 2 regular bags of candy
3 pieces of candy left over

1 comment:

Robin W said...

Love your kitties! They are so cool. Black Cats Rock!


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