Maternity A Little Late

As of yesterday afternoon I have a niece! I can't wait to go meet her!

Back in December when Dan and Tacha came down and Tacha went to Longwood with me we did a few maternity pictures for her. You all know that portraiture isn't my thing really (posing especially) but we tried. I should have shared them earlier but honestly I barely got them edited in time to give Tacha the disc of images at Christmas (darn job).

First we went to Monocacy Creek Park, it was COLD outside and there were some guys with a big fire in the picnic area, and several other people out fishing. There were also lots of benches and trees and cold rock steps.

All shot with 5DM2 and 50mm 1.2L





Sunday we took a couple at our house with Dan as well, this was my favorite.

It was really hard to figure out how to highlight her belly and where she should place her arms. I am sure with practice I would get better at all that but I don't know anyone else who is pregnant.

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Rebecca said...

Such a beautiful (now) mama!!!! My favorite is your favorite. :)


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