Photography Tips Post Ideas

Work is getting crazy again already but I would like to commit to working on at least one photography tips post a week. My current list of ideas is:
  • Equipment, what I want and why
  • Post processing, what programs I love to use and why they suit me
  • Lightroom resources/how to
  • Photographers who inspire me
  • Before and afters of edited shots
  • Macro how to
  • IS on the 70-300
  • L lens versus non L lens/impact of lens quality on image quality
  • Focal length on XT vs M2
  • Bounce flash
  • Tripod shopping
  • Lens align
  • Pet photo tips
  • Scanning
  • File organization and backup
  • Lightroom presets
  • Raw shooting, benefits, how to process, how to do it

Any thoughts on what you would like to see first or additional ideas? Without input I will probably just do them in random order.

Hopefully next week I will have one to share.

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