Day 6 Luxor West Bank Part 2

After the Valley of the kings we made our final stop of the day on the west bank in Luxor, Medinet Habu Temple. I loved this temple and I wish we had more time there but we were in a bit of a rush to get back to the boat for lunch.

The front of the temple.

This is one of Michael's shots, he is getting pretty handy with my camera!

It was nearly empty there, which is a big plus from a photography standpoint!

Look how cute we are! And I finally remembered to take my hat off for a photo.

Note Maggie and Steve admiring the columns.

Colors! And look someone finally learned to carve their names really deep so the next pharaoh couldn't just come and chisel it out and replace it with their own name.


My little friend (they were always dragging you off and showing you things so you would tip them). I didn't have any money and I told him that but he still showed me all these hidden rooms with amazing color left (the photos didn't turn out though since he was dragging me around too fast and the rooms were really dark). He kept calling me gazelle which I decided to take as a compliment even though we asked Hamdi about it and he said it could be a little impolite.

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