Day 8: Alexandria

After the again miserable sleeper train we had a chance to say goodbye to our guide Hamdi and then we were rushed into a car to head off for our add-on day trip to Alexandria. I was really glad that we had taken advantage of the shower on the boat since we didn't even get to see our new hotel before we left. We were both really sad that we didn't get a chance to say goodbye to the rest of our tour group, only two others went with us.

After 3 hours in the car, and finally a halfway clean bathroom to use we arrived at the city. Our first stop was Pompey's Pillar.

Compared to all the temples and other things we had already seen this one was not as impressive.

There were a few other things at the site to walk around and see, but not much.


Next we headed over to the catacombs, but again no cameras were allowed. I think that was my favorite part of this tour. After that we drove to the Citadel, which was right on the Mediterranean Sea.



I was having a little fun playing with the blue skies in these images since this was the only city where we saw skies like this.

We had a seafood lunch and then went over to our last stop, the new library.

Clearly the most modern thing on our whole tour.

Those are people on the roof.


And then we drove back to Cairo, checked into our hotel, blissfully showered, had dinner, went to sleep finally and then had to get up to hop on a plane. I still can't believe how much we got to see.


Holly said...

Thank you so much for blogging about your trip to Egypt!

Colleen said...

You got to see so many wonderful things! I love the blue skies in this series. My favorite shot is the one of the library roof. I love the geometry of it. All of those "no camera" zones would have been hard for me! I hate when I'm not allowed to take pictures.


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