In my Mom's Garden

On Sunday while we were home for our niece's baptism we stopped by my parents house for Father's Day lunch. We had a nice big family meal outside, chicken and steak on the grill, salad, chips, and toasted marshmallows! While the meat was cooking I wandered around the yard a bit with my macro lens of course!



Anyone know what these two are? I think they are the same flower, just different colors.



Amy F.W. said...

I have no clue about the flower type but love them! And the lily, too...my lilies don't seem to be blooming yet, but I think they come out in July, but I see lilies all over the place, they grow like wildflowers here, apparently.

Amanda said...

That first photo is beautiful! I 'm serious & I think you should really consider selling some of those... I hope you are at least hanging a few around your new house :)


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