On the Walls

Now that we have been in the house for over a year I decided it was time to start getting some things hung up on our walls.

First up, the dining room, I have been collecting plates for a plate display for a while now, and I finally had enough to put them up over the buffet.


I think I still need a few more plates to finish it off, but I am pretty happy with how it looks.

Next I wanted to get some decent sized prints up on the walls going up the stairs. I picked five images from various trips and had them printed 20x20 and mounted on 2mm black styrene.



I think I needed to hang at least one more but I am still pretty happy with how they turned out.


Tacha said...

I love the plate display! What wall did you move the buffet to (I can tell it moved because the right end used to be near the doorway not a corner... I pay attention! haha).

Also am loving the photo display up the stairs!

Tripps said...

those are some awesome display! i have 1 picture on my wall and that is it. i need to get my act together and take some canvas worthy photos.


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