Food Macros

I always think I should take more photos of things other than flowers with my macro lens (well besides the kitties). This past weekend I decided to try some food shots. I am pretty happy with how some of them came out, considering I didn't really style them and I waited a bit late in the day to be trying to natural light photos.

Just a small glass full of the dozens (if not a hundred plus) cherry tomatoes from our one plant.

PEACHES!!! My favorite thing about August in PA.

Spiedies on the grill, our dinner last Friday night! YUM! I am going to miss grilling when winter gets here. Oh and we love the natural lump charcoal, so much better than the briquettes.

Michael had a tough week at work last week, so it was time Friday night for a gin and titonic.


Amy F.W. said...

Holy cow. Okay. So I am a HORRIBLE HORRIBLE person, because I *quite literally* laughed outloud at the "titonic". Awesome. Oh. My. I'm horrible.

Okay, back to the photography...LOVE the tomato shots, those are so scrumptious!

Amanda said...

haha the titonic ice cube is funny. I thought it looked a bit unusual. The peach looks delicious!

Colleen said...

I love spiedies! I have found that I can't get Lupo's spiedie sauce here, but I can get Salamidas! Hmmmm.... sounds like a good idea for dinner!

Michele said...

Colleen you can get Lupo's mailed to you! We used to do that when we lived in CA, I would order up a BUNCH of bottles and stock up.


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