Weekend Challenge

One of the girls on one of my photo boards challenged us to document the everyday part of our weekend in photos. Here is my set, all taken with my iphone, processed with Cross Process app.

Friday evening snuggle with Gibson

Friday night take out Thai dinner, I was done eating so I picked up Gibson so he could watch Michael eat. He just LOVES Michael.

Saturday morning donuts!!

Saturday while we ate our hoagies for lunch (apparently I have lived in PA long enough that I am willing to call them that sometimes instead of subs or sandwiches, must be that darn WaWa hoagie commerical) Stanley was rubbing all over my sandals.

Sunday morning = yard work

Sunday Quicken time, note the cat under the chair

Sunday, lazing around. Shortly after this I noticed that Stanley was stinky and needed a bath.

Looking out the window after we gave them baths (now they both smell fruity)

It was a fun challenge, I am going to try to keep it up this weekend while we are home seeing family.

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