10 on Tuesday 10.26.10

1. Happy Birthday to my wonderful, adorable Husband!

2. Happy Belated Birthday to my Sunshine Twin (you know who you are!)

3. Mike and I went out to dinner tonight for his birthday and I ate far too much. Even though the food was only okay. I was also disappointed that I called and made a reservation including ordering a cake and they failed to give us the cake, but at least they didn't charge us for it.

4. Tomorrow night I need to carve our pumpkins for Halloween, mine is going to be a witch a la Martha Stewart, ideas for Michael's? Something rock and roll would be ideal.

5. I think I am finally going to get to go see Monticello, we are going to tack it on to a trip to our nephews first birthday party, and it will be an excuse to hang out with Amy.

6. Next week I need to start this list on Wednesday, I always have tons of ideas after I hit publish, and now on Tuesday I am out of ideas.

7. The leaves are finally starting to change around here.
Finally Fall Color

8. Monday we had two new trees put in to replace the bradford pear that broke last fall and this past spring, and the dying pine we took down.

Some kind of cypress I think?

This one should be a pretty white dogwood in the spring.

9. I really need to get started on my holiday shopping. Anyone found any cool new places to shop lately?

10. Last week I went a little overboard with some Banana and Gap coupons, I am expecting a big box tomorrow. I am debating if I should start doing some fashiony posts on here. Just for fun. This blog is all over the place already right?


Amanda said...

I vote yes for the fashion posts!

Amy F.W. said...

YES YES YES for some fashion posts!!! How fun to mix it up. (and YAY for Monticello, of course)


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