Longwood: Backlighting Flowers

As I mentioned in my previous post we started with some outdoor shooting at Longwood. First the dark purple/pink dahlias. There were also some gorgeous light pink versions, but they were in direct sun (a big no-no for me with flowers if I can avoid it). We walked around the back of the bed and decided to try some backlighting in honor of Amy - she rocks at portrait backlighting.





I am pretty pleased with how they came out. Definitely something I need to keep playing with. This is one of the good things about fall and early spring trips to Longwood, the light is so much better for this kind of shooting at opening (they open at 9 so in the long days of summer the sun is just up too high for this).


Amanda said...

the second photo is stunning! Everything about it beautiful :)

Jodi said...

Stunning. Absolutely beautiful.

Kindred Spirit said...

These photos seriously took my breath away. Absolutely stunning :)

Amy F.W. said...

That third one is my ABSOLUTE favorite. Like, seriously. And, of course it has a bit of the specular hightlights that I like, but not quite "specular highlights on steroids" like I often do, haha! I really need to pull in & practice your creamy bokeh, because it's just so gorgeous.

Kim said...

These are beautiful Michele!


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