Trick or Treat 2010

Last night was trick or treating night here in Bethlehem, and like last year we went through a TON of candy. I had seven normal sized bags of candy and at the end there was less than half a bag left, and I made sure each kid only got one piece! I had a good time though, it is cute seeing all the kids dressed up, and I remember how fun it was to be in their place as a kid. Next year I want to put up some more decorations but I am not sure what exactly.


Stanley assumed his usually place, looking out the window at all the kids.
Tons of people were commenting on our cute kitty in the window. Black cats are not surprisingly popular around Halloween. I guess he is my best decoration.


Our pumpkins
Can you guess which is mine and which is Mikes?


Amy F.W. said...

Haha, love the pumpkins and the black cat as that extra bit of "decor". ;)

Lisa said...

Looks like Stanley has the best seat in the house!

Love your wreath!!

Amanda said...

I love the pumpkins!


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