10 on Tuesday 11.02.10

1. I think I am getting sick, I hate being sick. I hope I can shake this off. Or kill it with orange juice.

2. Michael's company bought an engineering firm across the street from the company he worked for in Oakland. We should have stayed in CA. Maybe we can go back?

3. Did I ever mentioned that I joined a vanpool at work last month? I think I had to drive to work maybe 3 times last month. I love it! So does my car.

4. I spent this weekend catching up on this year's Blurb book. I was still in the middle of our Egypt trip and now I am up to Labor Day weekend. I hope maybe one more weekend and I can be caught up! This might end up needing to be a two volume year. Or I need to learn to cull out more images.

5. There is a set of drums in my basement. Mike is trying to play with two bands right now, one of which is practicing at our house. They actually sound really good.

6. We are thinking of canceling our gym membership. It's not that we don't want to use it, we just don't use it enough to make it worth spending that much every month. We are planning to get maybe a treadmill and some weights so that we can work out at home. This is conflicting with 5, the drums are taking up my treadmill space.

7. I think my old hp laptop from 2004 is probably nearing the end of its useful life. The question is do we replace it with an ipad or a macbook air?

8. Cold weather is here, we might get snow up at work later this week. I guess I should start my holiday shopping huh?

9. Stanley has become quite a lap kitty, especially on nights like tonight when Michael is working late.

Though he is biting me right now which isn't good kitty behavior!

10. This list is much harder to come up with when you are starting to feel like total crap.

1 comment:

Amanda said...

You look like I did all day today. On the couch with blankets and laptop, throw in the book and occasional visit from kitties. I hope you feel better!


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