10 on Tuesday 11.30.10

Also called 10 things I learned by blogging everyday this month.

1. I don't have something worth blogging about everyday.

2. Being "forced" to blog takes a lot of the fun out of it for me.

3. The more I post the less time I have to put into each post.

4. I think that overall my content suffered this month, instead of 10 good posts and 2-3 great posts I got out 30 marginal posts, I don't think that adds up the same.

5. I thought the pressure would make me put more thought and effort into planning and coming up with content, that is not how it went.

6. I like to write posts ahead and schedule them, that felt like cheating for this. The point was to blog each day, not schedule something to publish each day.

7. It is a specially bad idea to do this during a month with holidays and other activities, though what month doesn't have something like that?

8. When I am not looking forward to something I put it off, hence my mostly late night posts this month.

9. I am glad it is over!! :)

10. No I will not try it again next year.

1 comment:

Amy F.W. said...

Yeah, I agree that I couldn't do one post a day for a month. BUT, I don't agree that YOU shouldn't, haha! I enjoyed reading them.


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