Monticello 1

Since I can't seem to cull down my Monticello images to less than 19, this is going to take more than one post. I shot with my 16-35 the whole time, I didn't even take it off the body. I am officially in love with that lens. (No worries though the 100L is still number one).

Starting off in the visitor center, at the spot where you wait for the shuttle bus. Here I am with the same statue of Thomas Jefferson that you saw the other day (Mike took this for me).

And Amy with Thomas as well.

We took the shuttle up the hill and then walked around for 10 minutes waiting for our timed tour of the house to start.


Then we headed to stand in line.

We walked up to the house to meet up with our tour guide, who of course told us there would be no photography in the house.
She had on crazy plaid tights.

Next up will be some photos of the house, but like I said, not the inside.


Care said...

These are great. Love your red jacket (I have a similar one). Looks like a fun day :)

Amy F.W. said...

MAN, I can vouch for Michele, those were CRAZY TIGHTS!!!! Again, mine sucked, if I ever get around to editing & posting them I'll let you know. =D


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