Ten on Tuesday 11.16.10

1. Wow it is after 9pm and I am just starting this post, I almost totally forgot about it.

2. I am going to be off work all next week, I can't wait. Are there any good movies out right now? I feel like going to see something by myself.

3. My other big goal, to do all the girly things I put off all the time. Pedicure, wax my eyebrows etc. Sound fun right? At least I will feel pretty!

4. I also want to try my hand at painting some of my old furniture to freshen it up, we will see how that pans out.

5. Stanley is being a very demanding kitty lately! It's nice that he wants my attention, but I don't approve of biting me to get it. And he really only bites me.

6. No great new job prospects yet. I think I need to look harder. Another task for next week?

7. My favorite part of annual performance review time? When it is done, which is now! YAY!

8. We skipped our weekend trip to the grocery store since we were out of town. You want to guess the driving force that is making me go tomorrow? I have run out of chocolate.

9. I spent some time researching more on posterization today, it is hard to find articles on how to really deal with it. Any suggestions?

10. Monticello photos tomorrow!

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