Molly Meow

I hope you all had a Merry Christmas! We just took down the tree the other day and Gibson was wandered around moping and sad after it was all boxed up because he had so enjoyed napping under it (and chewing on it the little stinker!). I felt bad taking away his tree so I thought I would get the kitties one more Christmas gift. A nice new cat bed for upstairs. I don't remember what blog I first saw them on but I have been looking for an excuse to buy this Molly Meow Cat Duvets all month. I bought two covers and one stuff sack so that I could switch out the covers and wash them when needed.



The beds have been a bigger hit with the cats than I thought they would be (even without putting catnip in them), so it looks like I am going to have to get another stuff sac and stuff the other duvet to stop them from fighting over the one bed. I'll take that as a positive review from both of them. (I think putting them right next to the warm radiators helps too!) If you are looking for some new cat beds check these out. And since I know you are all wondering what we stuffed them with, I used some old towels and old clothes that I have been meaning to take to goodwill for months but have been too lazy to drop off.

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Amy F.W. said...

Those are SO precious...now I want some...although our cats need to sleep under the bed or up high where they know Piper can't reach them. =/


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