The week between Christmas and New Year’s Michael needed to go up to NYC one day for work. I tagged along with him so I could spend a day at the MoMA.

It was super crowded that day, I think all the snow drove everyone inside as much as possible. But I still loved the museum! It was so inspiring on so many levels.
It got more crowded later in the day than this even! (Yes the image is OOF, I did that on purpose to try and make it a bit more abstract and “modern”, did it work? The jury is still out).

I definitely prefer shooting sculpture to paintings
I loved the woman in the background taking a photo out the window.

There was so much thought put into how the art was displayed. I loved this really tall sculpture, and how the positioned him like he was enjoying the the other art in the room with him

Waterlilies! I had no idea how HUGE this painting actually was! I had my back to the wall with my 50 and I still couldn’t get it all in.

I loved this photographer's work (Alex Prager). It just jumped off the wall at me. I could have looked at it all day. I honestly just took this photo so that I would remember his name and be able to blog it and share his work with all of you. It was amazing! This one was my favorite


By the end of the morning I had run out of steam, but I am still so glad that I went. I think it is a great reminder of all the different kinds of art out there, how subjective art is and how beautiful, especially if you are like me and get so mired in the technicalities of photography.


Amanda said...

I think I need to go there!

Amy F.W. said...

Amanda, me too!! Man, I want to gooo...Michele, thanks for the share!


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