2011 Goals

I love doing a list at the beginning of the year of goals for the year. Anyone else do SMART goals at work? I am trying to work on the measurable part for this year.

-Open up and Etsy shop
-Use my tripod more, try to work on longer exposures (waterfalls, ocean surf, night cityscapes etc)
-Write at least 2 photography tips posts a month
-Save for a new camera body (I would say buy it but that depends on Canon)
-Try time-lapse photography with my new remote

-Log at least 500 miles on my new treadmill
-Lose weight (I have a number in mind but I am not putting it out here)
-Lift weights at least once a week
-Stretch every day I run
-Go out to eat less, no more than 2 meals a week on average

-Paint the last bedroom
-Buy dressers for our room and organize clothing so it isn't spread around 3 rooms and the attic.
-Paint more used furniture, at least 2 pieces
-Save for a new garage
-Clean out the attic (and be ruthless!)

-Trip to St Lucia
-Put more thought into fashion/style and include it on blog more
-Find a new job
-Get to know my new extended family
-Take more weekend/day trips

20 goals, let's see how I do!


Heidi said...

If you put together a book of photos from Longwood Gardens I would buy it in an instant!

Heather said...

Good list!
RE: the time lapse photography...my husband made a timer (he's a nerd) for our cameras so that we don't have to keep pushing the button on the remote.
He did a time lapse of himself painting his self-portrait for his painting class. It was very cool!

Michele said...

Heather did your husband put that on the web? I would love to see it!

Heidi - I never thought about a book! That is an interesting idea!

Heather said...

Hi Michele, he put it on Facebook but nowhere else. I'll have to get him to update his blog and stick it on there. I think it took a picture every 30 seconds.
Originally the circuit timer was going to be for a "kitty-cam" we were going to put on one of the cat's collars. But the little cheapy toy camera we had fell apart. LOL

Amanda said...

Great goals! Some are similar to mine. I also love the book idea. :)

Lisa said...

Oh, I can't wait for you to open an Etsy shop - I'll definitely purchase something :) I love your photos!

Amy F.W. said...

I love this idea!! I might need to copy you. =D


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