Longwood Feb 2011: Part 1

Getting together with such a large group at Longwood, was actually a ton of fun, even for an introvert like me. But it did mean I shot a lot less than I normally do. Which means less blog posts.

This was the center of a camilla. I love the contrast of the pink and the yellow and to me this image is all about the textures and colors.

I wish I could remember what flower this was, it was such a pretty combination of pink and yellow

It took a couple of tries to get an image of these small flowers with the focus just where I wanted it.

The yellow orchids again!

I tried to shoot this plant/flower on my visit in January, but I got nothing I liked at all, finally this time with more of them open (they look a bit like q-tips before the bloom) I captured an image I am happy with.

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