Longwood Feb 2011: Part 3

The last of the February Longwood images I think, other than a post on testing out some off-camera flash.


I can't seem to resist the lavender

I didn't notice the little bug until I started shooting.

I loved the veins on this orchid.

I always love these "hairy" cacti, but it was totally worth getting dripped on to get this shot, I love the water droplets.


Kindred Spirit said...

OooOO LOVE the *hairy* cacti :) These are all fabulous!

Jodi said...

I love the shot with the bug!

Lisa said...

I love the hairy cactus!

Jamie said...

I have wondered what it was that everyone had shots of. Never would have thought it was a type of cactus! As always, they are all gorgeous!

Amanda said...

I'm loving that Lavender shot!

Amy F.W. said...

Snicker snicker. Hairy cactus. And ANOTHER shot of the same orchid I swear looks like yours. =D You are definitely a strong influence.

Anonymous said...

wow I LOVE that last one.. They are all great but that one is my favorite


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