Around the House

We haven't done any major house work lately, but we have slowly been making small changes, mostly in the living room.

I finally hung up the metal "art" that I picked up months ago at Hobby Lobby. I spray painted a special kind of hook for hanging things in plaster walls without damaging them (it seemed to work well). I hung it in the middle of the art. I think it is a bit less noticeable that way.

The new ottoman I ordered from West Elm back in February finally got delivered. I love it!

The new ottoman means that the old green Ikea one got demoted to go with the Ikea chair
I was nice enough to get it a new white cover so that they make a better pair.

I have a new rug coming, but that is going to have to wait for another post.

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Amy F.W. said...

I SO dig that ottoman.


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