Dining Room Rug

Tuesday night I got home from work in the rain (that did not make my commute any faster) to find a wet (but luckily double plastic wrapped) rug. After dinner we rolled it out in the dining room.



In case you were wondering it is the Soho Dhurri Rug in Nautical Blue. I ordered it from Shades of Light (using the coupon code that Young House Love has posted on their site. Mike wasn't sure about the color, and I admit that I was debating between that and the gray, but I am so glad we went with the blue. I think the room looks so much more fun and finished now. I love it!


Amanda said...

Oh that's a gorgeous rug! I have really been into deep, rich blues lately- I think the world needs more of them. The pattern is really fun too- enjoy!

Amanda said...

That looks really nice!


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