Kelly Moore Libby

I have been thinking for a while that I wanted a new camera bag (even though I already have a ton) but I wanted a new one for traveling that could handle carrying a laptop. Kelly Moore announced the Libby and it sounded perfect especially considering how much I love my Hobo. I waited a bit to actually hit buy, since I am saving up for a new camera body, but I hit the mark for that this month, and Kelly announced a 24 hour $20 credit on Twitter so I finally put in my order.

It arrived on Friday. It is a lot bigger than my hobo, but narrower than my epiphanie belle.
Kelly Moore Libby and Hobo

I loaded it up with all my gear
Kelly Moore Libby
And I threw in Mike's ipad since that is probably what we would travel with, or maybe a macbook air if I can talk him into it, to replace my ancient HP laptop.

And two versions of the gear I will probably travel with.
Kelly Moore Libby

Kelly Moore Libby

We are planning a trip to Thailand in early 2012 and I think this bag will be perfect. You can't tell from the photos but there is a divider that you put on top of your gear and then you can put more carry on type stuff in it. Plus I wasn't using any of the pockets. I think it will be an ideal carry on, and around bag for that trip.


Christina said...

THANKS for this post! I'm on the market for my first "designer" type camera bag and have finalized to the B-Hobo. It's interesting to see the size difference between the two. Maybe at some point I"ll get a bigger bag like yours!

JadeKiwi said...

Hi! U ordered from Kelly Moore's website? How much did you pay for the shipment? It took how many days to reach you? I wish to have a libby too. Thanks :D

Michele said...

@JadeKiwi - I ordered directly through her website. The one I wanted was in stock at the time so I ordered it on Monday night, it shipped Tuesday and I had it in hand by Friday. The shipping was around $13, it was an odd amount so it might be dependent on the specific location it is shipped to.

Mrs. Limestone said...

Thanks for the review. I dont carry as much gear so I'm worried about if this is too much bag. How heavy is it? Is the strap comfy and or padded?

Michele said...

@MrsLimestone - it's not too heavy of a bag when empty. It's really my gear that makes it heavy. I haven't actually taken it out for a long trip yet so I can't be 100% sure how comfortable it will be but the Hobo bag's strap is very comfortable and those are the same between the bags so I assume this one will be as well. Oh and it does have a pad for your shoulder.

Trixieplum said...

Hi Michele! I'm in the market for a camera bag/carry on as well and have been seriously considering the Libby. My concerns are that maybe it's "too" large, but I need to carry around my camera body, 2-3 lenses, batteries, maybe a grip, laptop, a hood, and some miscellaneous other equipment, as well as a book or two or my Kindle, a sweater, my wallet/passport and maybe a couple of other carry-on type things. I need to be able to fit it comfortably on the floor of a vehicle, and it really can't take up too much space. It also has to be comfortable enough to cart around with me for long periods of time because I, like you, don't want to leave my equipment in hotels. I know back in May you said you hadn't had the chance to cart it around much for long periods of time, but I was wondering if you'd had more experience with it since?? Thanks very much for your help!!!

Michele said...

I think the Libby will definitely fit all of the gear that you want to carry. I am not sure any of the other bags I have would so I don't know how much smaller you could go with a bag.

I think it will fit on the floor of a car, it is tall but it has a small footprint so it could fit behind the front seats or in front of your legs in the front passenger side.

I still haven't really taken it out loaded up long term yet. I am actually this weekend, so I will follow up after I finally take it for a real test run!


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