Updated Plate Wall

I have been slowly collecting plates to expand the plate wall that I created in the dining room.

Last time I shared it with you it looked like this:
Not bad, but the plates could be a little closer together, and there could be a few more.

I thought this was a great time to set up the tripod and see if I could get a timelapse animation of the process. I was going to use my special timer remote but, the process is way too slow for that. I created the animated gif in PS CS3 following these instructions.

Here is the animation, you can see I started by leaving the two large plates (our wedding plate and one Mike brought back for me from his first trip to Abu Dhabi) and put two larger plates on other existing hooks (I use the Command Sawtooth Picture Hangers and dischangers on the backs of the plates). Then I just built out from there a couple of plates at a time. Changing plates as needed.

You can see it turns out I positioned my camera a bit low to capture the final display fully so here is the final result, not chopped off.
We went from 11 to 18 plates, I expect I will continue to add more down the road. I know I had one other little plate that I had bought for the wall but can't find.


Amanda said...

I like it! :)

Jen said...

This looks fabulous Michele! I love it :)

Amy said...

love this!! Thanks for the comment over at dandelion paperweight! Do you have twitter?

Amy F.W. said...

Looks GREAT, and your cool factor skyrocketed with the animated gif!

Michele said...

@Amy (dandelion paperweight), I do have a twitter, though I don't tweet a lot. I followed you today, I am @MichelePaquette


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