Entry Tiles

Friday night I was going to play around with more off camera flash, but instead I decided to lay down my latest order of carpet tiles from Flor. As much as I loved the little carpet we had in the entry from Target, it just wasn't big enough, so we went with the same tiles that we put in the hall upstairs.




I wasn't sure about the half tiles I needed around the door, but once it was all in and vacuumed I was actually really happy with it.

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Amy F.W. said...

Love it! My Interface rep has always told me to just let her know if I wanted to get some Flor or the actual commercial tiles for much cheaper, and I always have plans to make a dining room rug out of them but never have...plus, with a messy 2.5 year old, it's easier to clean wood than carpet, haha! This looks AWESOME! I hope one day for a trip up to visit & I can see your lovely house in person.


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