Good-bye Bushes

We discovered pretty quickly after we bought the house that the big round bushes right out front were a bit of a pain. They need to be trimmed constantly. They attract bees. They have overgrown the front path.


Our trees were getting trimmed last week so we asked our tree guy if he could pull out those bushes for us.


I was really surprised at how much removing them opened up the front of the house. We bought some new smaller bushes to go back in front, though placed differently. Two mountain laurels are going to go back closer to the house, and two "totally awesome" azaleas (they are yellow with a bit of orange in them, we wanted something not pink, there is a lot of pink in our yard). I hope we are making the right choices since landscaping is not our thing.


Cortneyloo said...

Wow that's really a big difference! Very nice.

Amber Ellen said...

Looks great, much more open. Your house is beautiful!


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