My Brownies

My parent's went to a development garage sale on Saturday and my Dad was nice enough to pick up a couple of things for me!

Kodak Brownie Starflex (it takes 127 film which I need to do some more research on, and I am not sure if this one works, but at the worst I can use it as a TTV camera)

Kodak Brownie Junior Six-16, this takes 616 film, but I can make 120 work (it just isn't as wide and would need to be respooled), or 70mm film with some modifications I think, the shutter works, the lens just needs maybe some cleaning and the viewfinder mirrors need to be reglued.

Kodak Brownie Target Six-16, similar situation to the above.

Kodak Brownie Target Six-20. This one takes 620 film, which is the same as 120 film just on a different sized spool, it just has to be re-rolled in a dark room.

I am really excited to clean them up a bit and get some film in them! The box cameras all only have 1 shutter speed other than bulb, and 2 aperture settings (approximately f/16 and f/11). Dad only paid $18 for all four of them, which I think is a steal!

I was really happy with how these "product photos came out. My Ikea cabinet made a nice glossy surface and my white roman shades made a good backdrop, at least once I threw in the OCF.

There are notes if you go to flickr.


Cara said...

ML, I have your blog linked to my blog, and saw 'brownies'. I thought OK, she's going to have some wickedly delish picture of BROWNIES. I am so glad you didn't because I would have been craving them.

P.S. These are fab!

Michele said...

I keep thinking I should make some awesome brownies now, and take photos of them with the brownie cameras. :)

Cara said...

Oh now you are talking. I want to see some macro brownie action!

Mr. Goodwill Hunting said...

I just wanted to say that I have been following your blog since 2009. I was going through some of my inspirational photos when I came across the one you took of your Thomasville Roxbury Chandelier. I have been drawn to that chandelier since it first came out. I am really hoping to buy a house and install it this year.

How has yours held up?

Rashon aka Mr. Goodwill Hunting

Michele said...

@Mr.GoodwillHunting - The light has held up really well! We are really happy with it!


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