OCF Gear

A week or two ago I did a post on my first off camera flash experiment and I failed to go over what gear I was using. First item of course is my 5D mark ii. Then I need a flash, I have the Canon 430 EX (not the II), if you wanted to buy one now I would get the 430EX II Speedlite.


Next I need triggers to tell the flash to fire, mine are pocket wizards.
I have the PocketWizard MiniTT1 Radio Slave Transmitter for Canon (on the right) and the FlexTT5 Transceiver Radio Slave for Canon E-TTL II System on the left.

Then I need a light stand, flash bracket and umbrella. I have the following

Impact Air-cushioned Light Stand (Black, 8')


Impact Umbrella Bracket

Impact Umbrella - White Translucent (33")

Other than the body, flash and pocket wizards, not an expensive set up.


Cara said...

Hi Michele,

Does the transmitter/receiver compensate for the 430 SL not doing OCF?

Michele said...

Cara - it compensates for both my 5dm2 not being able to send a signal to a flash on it's own (it needs either a special canon IR transmitter, or a flash that can function as a master, unlike the 7D which doesn't need those), and the other part is for the 430 to receive the signal since the PW sends a radio signal and the build in ability for the 430 to be a slave is based off of expecting an IR signal which the 580 would send (or the 7D can send). Clear as mud? :)

Cara said...

Yes - sort of. So if I am understanding it correct, the 50D (my body) would need the same thing to do true OCF, right?

Otherwise, I'd need both the 7D and the 580, right?

Michele said...

Cara - I think you understand. There are a bunch of different combos of equipment that would work though.

7D with either a 430 or a 580 would work, it would be a IR trigger and would need line of sight though.

Any other canon body with a 580 on body and a 430 off camera, again IR line of sight

Any other canon body and either a 580 or a 430 off body with a Canon ST-E2 IR transmitter on the body, again IR and line of sight required

Any Canon body and the PWs with a 430 or a 580, this sends a radio signal so you no longer need line of sight and the range is longer.

Amy F.W. said...

I'll need to refer back to this (or just ask you) 'cause after talking to Jodi about details I'm trying to get together a wish list for some very basic OCF needs...I think I have to get pocket wizards, 'cause having to have the flash in sight-line of the pop up on my 7D just doesn't work like I want it to. I am thinking I do need some cactus triggers, but was also admiring Jodi's umbrella & stand. I have a large reflector but I think I'd have better luck w/ OCF & a diffuser like that to take some of my fav backlighting shots of friends. =D


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