Sofa Table and New Dresser

Last week our two new pieces of furniture that we ordered back in May were finally delivered, and I love them both!

First up our custom sofa table.

It's a beautiful tiger maple with a dark stain.

I love the clean lines!

I went to Home Goods today and picked up some lamp options for the table. What do you think?

I am leaning towards the shorter square mercury glass lamps.

And we also purchased a new dresser for Mike for our room. It is huge!

But it fits the space pretty well. Next up is a dresser for me, and new nightstands!


Katie said...

So pretty! My pick would be the shorter lamps. I think the taller ones would work if you ever planned to have it against a wall.

kim said...

Love both pieces of furniture!! I think shorter lamps too!

Anonymous said...

Can you put the square lamps in the LR and the tall ones in your BR?!? Love them both

Michele said...

I tried the tall ones in several places around the house because I loved them so much, but they didn't really work anywhere, they were just SOO tall. :(


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