Bad Porch!

A couple of weeks back we rented a pressure washer to clean the porch so we could start painting it. Sadly that showed us that we actually had a lot of rotten boards, each step we take seems to show more that needs to be repaired. This weekend we started really pulling up the floor boards and we found what looks like both carpenter ants and termites! YIKES! Not good news! We have someone coming this week to take care of them so we can finish the demo. For now we are left with this:



Nice right? Wish us luck.


Rebecca said...

Bad porch indeed! Grrr!

kim said...

OH NO!!! That's awful. What color are you guys planning to paint the porch anyways?

Michele said...

Kim just gray again, though a darker one, and with actual porch paint this time which should hold up better. I hope!


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