2011 Goal Review

At the beginning of 2011 I did a post about my goals for the year. Lets look at the list and see how I did. I am guessing not well, since work completely took over my life last year. I love doing a list at the beginning of the year of goals for the year. Anyone else do SMART goals at work? I am trying to work on the measurable part for this year.

-Open up and Etsy shop - No, I actually looked into it, but I honestly decided NOT to do this, I just don't think it is the right step for me. 
-Use my tripod more, try to work on longer exposures (waterfalls, ocean surf, night cityscapes etc) - Yes, at least the night cityscapes part, that was awesome!
-Write at least 2 photography tips posts a month - Fail, I blame work.
-Save for a new camera body (I would say buy it but that depends on Canon) - Done!
-Try time-lapse photography with my new remote - I did use my remote a lot I especially loved it in NY.

-Log at least 500 miles on my new treadmill - no
-Lose weight (I have a number in mind but I am not putting it out here) - no
-Lift weights at least once a week - no
-Stretch every day I run - no
-Go out to eat less, no more than 2 meals a week on average - no
Not very good on this part huh?  0/5

-Paint the last bedroom - We finally started that this week, but still a no
-Buy dressers for our room and organize clothing so it isn't spread around 3 rooms and the attic. - We bought one dresser, didn't reorganize though
-Paint more used furniture, at least 2 pieces
-Save for a new garage - well we saved, but it went to a new porch and will go to painting the house in the spring.  So we will give this a half.
-Clean out the attic (and be ruthless!) - no
Ouch 0.5/5

-Trip to St Lucia - We didn't take any trips this year
-Put more thought into fashion/style and include it on blog more - no
-Find a new job - BIG YES
-Get to know my new extended family - not as much as I would like
-Take more weekend/day trips - nope

4.5/20 overall, not a great score Michele!  I need to come up with a list for 2012, maybe a little less lengthy this time!

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Rosemary Thornton said...

Hi Michele,

Someone sent me a link to your blog. I see you have a Sears Verona! How wonderful! And I see - from your blog - that you LOVE your Sears Verona.

That's wonderful.

This morning, I published a blog on the Verona, featuring several photos. Send me a picture of your house, and I'll post it there.


Rose Thornton
author, The Houses That Sears Built
author, The Sears Homes of Illinois
author, Finding the Houses That Sears Built


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