My Babies

The last few months of 2011 I was really bad about taking photos of the kitties with anything other than my iphone.  While I was off work for New Year's I finally starting really picking up the camera again.

Stanley at 135mm with the toy both of them are obsessed with, which of course I only got them one of for Christmas

Gibbers!! He still looks like a baby sometimes, like here, other photos he looks like a full grown cat, I miss how little they used to be!

See he is obsessed!


Don't you love his green eyes? He is also obsessed with this purple blanket I picked up at Target. He will do just about anything to sit on it, even sit on my lap, feet, chest whatever!



This is a good example of how I take photos of them, I start with the first one I can grab, from a good 15+ feet away, just to have something in case they run off.

Then I slither across the floor on my belly, taking a shot every 3-5 feet as I get closer, praying they won't run off on me. Until I finally get close enough to get the shot I really want.

This is about what Stanley thinks of my weird antics. Not impressed with me.

Did you notice my new watermark? New year, new watermark. I updated the blog design too if you normally look at it through the feed.


Amy F.W. said...

LOVE THEM!!!! Oh, and I'm about 90% positive I just bought that same exact blanket from Target yesterday (it was on clearance). Random.

Avie said...

I love these! What a handsome cat!


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