5D Mark III - First Thoughts

Friday night I went to pick up my new baby from UPS, my lovely new 5D mark iii. I have since spent a ton of time pouring over the manual playing with the settings and taking random photos. First impression?  Love it!

  • The AF is so fast that it locks and shoots the photo before I think it could have locked focus
  • The ISO looks really good on the LCD, but it is hard to judge without being able to take a raw file into LR. The JPGs I have coverted in the camera without noise reduction generally look good but it is hard to compare to the 5dm2 at this point
  • There are so many options, especially with the autofocus it might take me months to go through all the settings and see what works best for me.

And now the important part, pictures! I can't take these into LR, not even LR4 is updated to convert them yet, so I used the ability to do a raw conversion in camera. These are SOOC, other than minor WB adjustments on some as part of the in camera conversion, but no exposure adjustments or noise reduction or sharpening.



A 100% crop of the eyes on both of those photos.  Both images were taken at ISO 3200 f/2 1/200, with my 135L.

Finally a shot at ISO 6400, which is rather underexpose, but Gibson is too cute.


And a link to the full sized file if you want to look.

It's noisy, but actually sharp, the noise would be a lot better at the right exposure and with some noise reduction. Hopefully I can do a real review and comparison with the 5dm2 soon. I will probably shoot the images soon, even if I can't do anything with them for a while.

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Amanda said...

Looks great! Can't wait to see more!


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