Hurricane Sandy

Going back in time a ways in an attempt to catch up, back in October we were hit by Hurricane Sandy.  Personally we were very lucky, the rain wasn't bad, we never lost power (just flickered a few times) and no damage to the house.  We did however lose two of our brittle Bradford Pear trees.



Luckily neither hit the house, they just damaged other trees and bushes, and our checking account.

Down the street another bradford pear came down.
Yes that is a car under the top part of that tree.  It wasn't damaged at all!

In total since we bought this house less than 4 years ago, we have lost 4 of the 6 bradford pear trees!  I will be glad when the last two are gone, we are just waiting for them to be damaged and have to come down.

And here is how it looked after everything was cleaned up and the trees and damaged bushes were removed.




It feels like we have a lot less privacy in our backyard now. Time to start saving for a fence!

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