On the walls

Even though we have been in our house for three and a half years and I am a photographer, there isn't a lot up on our walls. I hate hanging things, and I especially don't like doing it without all the furniture in place. However I finally hung up a few things this fall.

One of the things I wanted to do was a small gallery above the TV in the living room, so I took a photo of the blank space and then mocked up a couple of ideas in photoshop.

One option was all Thailand photos:
LR Wall Gallery - Thailand

Another was all photos from shooting the Tribute in Light:
LR Wall Gallery - NYC

We actually ended up going with a mix of Thailand, NYC and a local photo.

Another item we finally hung up was an old mirror that Mike's Grandma Claire gave us.  She recently moved out of the house she shared with one of her sisters into a smaller place and no longer had room for it.  We were lucky enough to end up with it, and it looks perfect in our entry in place of the smaller round mirror we had bought at Target.  Do you see our new IKEA stools as well?  I am still debating painting them, or maybe they just need cushions?


Last but not least, my first canvas.  A 10"x30" of my favorite photo from New Orleans.  I kind of wish we had gone bigger with this.  It was hard to judge with the odd aspect ratio. It's in our bedroom over Mike's dresser.

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