Ansco All-Weather

In my last post I shared my new Agfa Isolette.  I didn't mention one surprise about the camera, it came with a roll of film in it.  I dropped it off last week to be developed crossing my fingers there would be some images on it.  But no luck it was blank.  Instead you just get a photo of the roll. 


I did however learn some interesting things about the film and maybe my camera.  The roll was Ansco All-Weather film.  I have no idea if that is color or black and white.  But I did find out, according to wikipedia that Ansco made their film in Binghamton, NY (which is the southern tier of New York state, where I grew up).  And that they were owned by German Afga (which the camera is) until World War II.  So if nothing else this was a good history lesson.

Next up?  Deciding if I want to try to repair the locked focus ring myself, or send it out for an $80 repair!

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