Bistro Set and Light for the Porch

You would think that after all my posts about shopping for furniture for the balcony that if I actually bought something for the outdoor parts of our house, it would be for up there.  Apparently I am feeling impulsive, I bought a bistro set from Cost Plus World Market for the porch instead. 

Screen Shot 2013-06-02 at 8.48.16 PM

I bought the Turquoise Cadiz Mosaic Bistro Table and the Blue Cadiz Stacking Chairs (along with the white cushions that go with them). The table arrived this past Friday. The chairs are on backorder. Initially I was planning to put them on the left as you walk out the door, but as we get more of the railings up I think that will be too tight of a fit and we will end up with them to the right as you go out the door.

We also picked out a new light this weekend, hopefully I will order that tomorrow when the pricing is confirmed. 

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