Ireland Day 2 - Blarney Castle

Our last sightseeing stop on this day was Blarney Castle. Again we arrived kind of late in the day. They didn't have guided tours though. And again it meant pretty light. We got blocked into the parking lot when they closed the gate on us and we had to go out a weird back entrance (that wasn't supposed to be an exit). I still think it was well worth the stop!

See I was here too!

My fitbit told me that we climbed a ridiculous number of floors this day, I completely believe it!

The view of a field of cows from the top!

That's where you kiss the Blarney Stone, the one guy spots you and the other takes embarrassing photos of you. Yes we did it. Yes I bought the photos. No I will not show them to you.

After we found our way out of the parking lot we headed to our hotel in Kilarney. It was kind of mediocre. The pillows were the worst (flat as pancakes) and the wifi password would only let two devices on per room. That's always a downer! We went out for dinner which was only okay, I can't even remember the name of the place and then out to a pub for music and a Guinness for Michael.

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