Ireland Day 2 - Rock of Cashel

After Kilkenny we got back on the road and drove to Cashel to see The Rock of Cashel. We parked up on the hill and walked down into town to grab some lunch. On our way down we noticed a coin smushing machine (I have a minor obsession with these), at this point we hadn't accumulated much change in Euros but when we were walking back to the car later we had so I was able to get one!!

Our tour guide told us that the legend is if you can reach all the way around this statue you will never have a hangover again. I don't know if that is a real legend, but no one tried it. Maybe we all like hangovers?

See how the windows look like they are two sizes? The guide said that the church couldn't afford the full size of the windows once the place was built so they bricked some more of it in so they could put in smaller windows.

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