New Photos up on the Walls

Now that we are through all the Ireland posts, I can show you some new photos I have up on the walls.

First I had two macro photos printed to hang in the entryway.  

Then I had an Ireland photo (Kylemore Abbey) printed to replace one in the display above the TV.

I also had one printed on a canvas, this was the Cliffs of Moher, to hang in the master bedroom with my Oak Alley canvas. 

And finally my favorite photo, of the waterfall from Killarney National Park I had printed as a large metal print to hang in the half bath.  It is really hard to capture the beauty of the metal print in a photo. 

1 comment:

Heidi said...

Absolutely stunning! I haven't tried a metal print yet, but I'm hoping to have one sooner rather than later.



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