2 months until my Birthday!

Hey I just realized as I typed in the date that today is 2 months until my birthday. Am I happy or sad about that? Not sure. Birthdays are fun, though this year I will be spending mine at Mike's company picnic. But hey there will be free ice cream, a pool, and cotton candy. Not a bad birthday right? And calories don't count that day right?

We finally found out about our raises yesterday. Is it wrong to be unhappy with your raise considering 4, count 'em FOUR, people lost their jobs here Friday? But I am greedy and would be unhappy with just about any raise!

The weekend was good. Mike and I are getting a bit old for Six Flags though. So many teenagers and I just wanted to shoot them all. They are so loud and obnoxious. And some of the lines were just so long. We were there about 5 hours I guess (2-7pm) and went on 6 rides (Superman: Ultimate Flight, Houdini's Mystery House, Batman and Robin: The Chiller, Batman, Skull Mountain, and Medusa). Not that great of a ratio of time per ride. But we had a good time. And Michael made me soup when we got back. (Okay so he opened a can and heated it up, but it was cute!)

I am trying hard to get back on the diet thing this week. And I did okay yesterday. Ate pretty well, used the treadmill, though I only walked, did my pilates, and arm exercises. Tonight it is back to the gym here at work to work on my legs. They need it! I was watching the swan last night, and they were doing liposuction on the women's calves to reshape them, I think I need that. Maybe then I would have ankles. No matter how much weight I lose (even at 132 lbs and 5'10") my calves look chunky. Maybe I should start saving my raise money for that?

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