NY Weekend

The weekend was pretty good. We just had deli sandwiches for dinner Friday night and went to bed. Saturday we were supposed to go to the beach, but we were debating a lot because it didn't look all that nice out. We decided to go and it turned out to be a nice day out there. We drank a little and laid around on the beach getting pelted with sand. Then we went back to the city and went out to dinner at Ariba Ariba a mexican resturant by Mike's apartment. I had the seafood enchiladas again, they are good! Then we went to this bar down in the Village to meet his friends. It was a weird place, but I really liked it. Not like the college bars they often drag us to but a nice grown-up martini bar type of place. Very pricey! $12 per martini!

Running went well again today. 1.12 miles without walking! That is my plan for as long as it works. Add 0.125 miles per week. By mid August I will be up to 2.5 miles at least! If I ever feel up to it I will add more. But you aren't supposed to go up by more than 10% a week so for a while that is as fast as I can add. I can't wait until I can do my whole run without walking!

My little webpage here is starting to face a storage problem, due to my love of posting pictures! Now I am debating if I want to pay someplace to host it where I get a lot more storage or not. Anyone know of a cheap place to host it? I am not sure I want to pay $10/month for it. If I do that I also need to think of a name or address, any suggestions?

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