Oh My Word it is HUMID here this morning. It's a wonder I managed to run at all, and boy was I sweaty when it was done. But I have to say I am proud of myself. I didn't feel like going again today, but I did. And I was rewarded for it when I looked at my ass this morning. Yup definitely looking better these days. How can that do anything but cheer a girl up? I don't know if it is the running or the weights or eating better, probably a combo. So today I ran, tonight I do weights for legs, and tennis (if it isn't raining) with Margo. Boy will I be tired! But with a better looking ass!!

My friend Kim called me last night, and we talked for a long time. She moved to Raleigh in December and I haven't seen her (or talked to her!) in a long time. But I am definately going down there for a visit in July, probably the weekend Mike goes to New Orleans with the boys. I just need to check Southwest and US Airways for low fares. There have been some really great prices posted out of Philly lately. And if it will cost me less than $150 to fly down there, there is no way on earth I am driving or taking the train. My time is very valuable! At least to me.

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