It Poured!

Not only did it rain last night, it poured! So there was no tennis. I let myself have a realxing night in front of the TV instead, which was a good thing. Because I found out the new season of Newlyweds starts tomorrow night, as does the first episode of The Ashlee Simpson Show. Sadly I don't think I can stay up that late, what with getting up at 4:50 AM to run, but I can set my VCR! I don't know why I like to watch such silly TV.

So I didn't run this morning, I jogged about 0.10 miles but I walked the rest of my 2.03 miles today. Last week I was dying by Friday, it was really hard to run. I wanted to give my body a bit of a break today so I could run harder tomorrow and Friday. Hopefully I will feel better when I run on Friday. We will have to see. Running outside is still a new thing for me!

Tonight I am going to do laundry! Isn't that exciting! Well it is in the sense that I have to go to the laundromat which is something I haven't done since college. And the Laundry rooms on campus were always really nice. The good thing about this is I can do all the loads at once I hope. Which is great because I have at least three bigs loads of stuff! I just hope it isn't too scary!

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