Some days I just feel like my blog must be so boring. Especially today when I read other people's and they are having monumental things going on. The woman who writes this one blog that I like to read, like to read so much I even went back and read her entire archive, just got some really bad news from her boyfriend. Not only do I think mine is boring in comparison but I also want to do something to make her feel better which is strange because I don't even really know her, and she certainly doesn't know me. How strange the internet is.

And my friend Sara had a serious biking accident this week. She is okay, but her new bike that she got for her birthday in June is pretty messed up.

Another 1.25 miles run before a break. And this with a painful cramp in my side and cramps from that girly thing! I was impressed that I pushed through the pain this morning.

My first birthday gift came yesterday from Becky. It was the small case for my digital camera! YEAH!! I love getting gifts!!

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