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The weekend at home was pretty good. Mom and I went to the movies to see A Cinderella Story. I thought it was pretty cute. Sara and I also went out to lunch at Wegmans. Yes it is a grocery store but there is also a cafe in there where you can get food.

The drive back Sunday was horrible, I don't want to talk about it! Oh and no one told me it took 4-8 hours to configure your Tivo after setup! So I had to leave that there! How sad!

It was funny to see GB on her anti-anxiety medication. She just looked so drugged!

And Mocha was being very cute as well.

The drive back was so bad and draining (didn't get home until 9 pm) that I skipped running yesterday. But I made it out this morning and did my planned 1.5 miles before I walked. It was tough. But I did it!

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