Good Weekend

The weekend went really well aside from my complete inability to take pictures. I started out pretty good on Friday but I was so tired on the train up I only took one and then Saturday it rained until 5 pm and I wasn't willing to get my camera all wet! The party went really well. Mike's Grandma was so suprised and happy she cried! I think I met more of Mike's relatives this weekend than I know of my own! I talked to his sister some and found out where they are going to have her wedding next summer. It looks like a really nice place. I was really emotional yesterday and I was crying when Mike got off the train in NY. Which is silly, we say goodbye like that all the time. Hopefully it was just all the traveling wearing me down. Don't want to get too attached to that boy! That could spell trouble!

Becky has her first day of Law School today. It is just orientation but I know she is really excited. I am going to miss her though. We don't get to talk a lot as it is and we hardly ever see each other! And now she is just going to be busier!

My run went well this morning. But it was strange. I must have completely zoned out during it because it was as if one second I was sitting on the porch lacing up my sneakers, the next I was sitting there dripping sweat all over, and I remember about 2 seconds in between. Strange. But I did 2 miles in under 22 minutes!

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