Monday Monday

Monday's always put me in a bad mood. I don't really get why. I had a pretty good weekend, when I don't think about the fact that I ate a lot of raw fish (including eel!) on Saturday at Tomoe Sushi. Though it was really good, especially the yellowtail sashimi. I also had a good run this morning (1.85 miles before walking) even though it was super humid.

Maybe it is the fact that I recorded 4 hours of the Olympics on Tivo that the guide said included equestrain events and I didn't see a single horse? Why is NBC's idea of Olympic coverage, at least for equestrain events, is limited to like 10 minutes? Maybe I want to see something other than one American rider. Maybe I want to see the other countries? Why can't other channels cover it? Maybe then I would get to see a bit more. Why do they show two hours of rowing instead? Does that have a bigger following? Or maybe the US is more likely to win a medal in that?

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